Product line

The cdo product line brings the latest technology to the video scope category. This includes digital imaging and a 7” (18 cm) screen for superior image rendering, touch screens and easy interfaces for a unique user experience as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for data-sharing.

CDO100 - CDO150


Optimal Viewing Distance
1” to 12” (2.5 cm – 30 cm)
Power Supply
Li-Ion Battery 3,7V, 4200 mAh
Estimated battery run time
3 – 5 hours
0.52 kg
Sensors pixels
640 x 480 (digital) 720 x 480 (analog)
~ 60 degrees (imager dependent)
Video & photo resolution
640 x 480
184 x 144 x 27 (mm)
0° C to 45° C
0,5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage Temp
-20° C to 70° C
Water Resistance
Imager to 1 m depth



7” (18 cm) TFT LCD Display with a native resolution of 800 x 480
Digital camera technology
“CFast” imager connector
File naming for convenient file management
Text annotation aids in documentation
Low optical distortion provides superior image quality
Capture video at a rate of 15 fps
Digital zoom is 2X executed in 10 steps
Micro-USB connector for uploading images
Micro-HDMI video out
External micro-SD Card access
External micro-USB access
D/C plug allows the unit to be used while battery is being charged
Microphone and speaker for voice-over annotations
WIFI connection